14 N Market St. Charleston, SC

What is a Modern Steakhouse?


Burwell’s STONE FIRE GRILL is Charleston’s first and only Modern Steakhouse: “The Next Generation of the Steakhouse” coined by those in the know of beef trends. 


A cut above everything you expect

  • Cleaner, leaner cuts served with generous sides
  • An effort toward sustainability and humane standards
  • Premium proteins sourced by “our” standards, not a lobbied agency
  • Locally driven fish and seafood program
  • Local, seasonal sides and farm fresh salads
  • An atmosphere designed for the modern world
  • Approachable Prices


The Burwell’s Standard… “A Cut Above the Rest”


What is a modern steak? The industry has been hit hard by droughts and other natural challenges. Thus, it has become more expensive to eat 22-ounce cuts, even if you wanted too. People too have changed; most of us have shifted in the direction of cleaner, leaner portions offered with a side dish. These trends, created Burwell’s STONE FIRE GRILL, are what many steakhouses will look like in the near future.


What is the value in Humane and Sustainable standards? The less stress, the greater the health and why many farms have jumped on board. It makes for a better quality meal! Equally as important, the less “unnatural injections” the better it is for us. Why did we ever want artificial hormones injected into our food? We make every attempt to limit that at Burwell’s.


What are our Premium standards? We choose, inspect, age, and triple hand trim every cut in house. We inspect the age, type of feed, quality of care, and marbling for every selection. You can find the best steak in Charleston at Burwell’s, as well as the most approachable choice. Our Wagyu New York Strip is a cut above the standard of Prime. We meticulously age our product to insure the highest quality in flavor and tenderness. Our cutting standard, triple hand trimmed simply means that we have removed all that you would have pushed to the side of your plate anyway.


Farm & Field Selections

Burwell’s Introduces “Stone Searing” to Charleston. 


We offer Prime, Certified All Natural, or CAB options and wanted to insure all that premium marbling and flavor didn’t “drip” to the bottom of a grill. The “Stone Searing” preserves that high quality and flavor right on your plate! This cooking technique is a custom 700-degree searing stone.

We also have grill selections prepared over a Natural wood fire. One reason is its intense heat, and the other is our belief that “gas” should not end up under, above, or in your premium steak.

Again, it’s a more ‘natural” route to greatness.


The Modern Steakhouse also insures selections well beyond beef. 

Sea & Shore Station

The Culinary Team at Burwell’s takes great pride in differentiating itself from the norm, along with raising the standard. A great example is our “Wood Fired, Cedar Planked” Crab Cake. Everyone has another sautéed version, and now you have a modern choice… Smoked over a natural wood fire! Being “better” is objective while being different is “fact.”


Our fish program is locally focused and innovative. The Burwell’s culinary team has developed a relationship with local fisheries, as well as an understanding of the sustainability of our waters. Each selection keeps those standards in mind, allowing us to present the freshest seafood.


No matter what your selection, we pride ourselves on a full plate. Executive Chef Eric Huff supports local farmers and local farming initiatives. One plate was developed exclusively utilizing product from one single farm and there range of seasonal selections!


An “Exquisite Restoration” of 14 N. Market Street. The 1894 building has a stunning mix of Charleston Charm and a Modern Feel!


Gone are the days of stuffy, pretentious, secluded rooms. Welcome to a “see and bee seen” establishment. It’s also an “approachable” one. While we have a tremendous passion for Hospitality and a professional understanding of food, our vision was to never intimidate or overlook anyone. The guest is the King (and Queen) at Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill.


We also kept “Charleston” in mind throughout our design. Half of our building remains a restored version of what it was over 100 years ago. That quaint, charming vibe that Charleston is famous for is alive at Burwell’s and serves as the backdrop for our oversized craft cocktail bar.


Start your evening with Happy Hour, or follow your meal with an evening on our second story, outdoor bar and roof top lounge.

Burwell’s STONE FIRE GRILL has a spot for any occasion, from public to private. Join us for an experience that is truly a cut above the rest.


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Executive Chef – Jordan Moore

Pastry Chef – Mark Heyward-Washington

14 N Market Street – Charleston SC. 29401 – (843) 737-8700

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Happy Hour

Monday: 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Tuesday: 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
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Thursday: 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Friday: 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

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