14 N Market St. Charleston, SC

Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill

An energetic, historic new spot at 14 N. Market Street, Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill has a charming bar, a first-rate craft cocktail program, and steaks & seafood cooked with old-school expertise over a 1400-degree wood fire. The kicker, their signature, custom made 700 degree searing stones perfect for Prime Beef. These Hot Rocks sear appetizers and full entrees right at your table! This is a style of cooking we have been doing since 1992, and is a technique similar to pan searing or hot skillet flash.

The name Burwell’s refers to a local southern farm, reflecting the culinary teams passion for sustainable foods and services. But judging from chef Eric Huff’s community involvement, it might also be a reference to his outlook on the world.

Huff was born in Charleston, schooled here, and trained with other local hot spots, and he just competed in the annual Southern Living Iron Chef. He quickly donated his proceeds to Grow Food Carolina. Chef has a passion for local sourcing, as well as innovation. “It’s been a fun fit for all of us trying to add a modern twist to a steak house. Truthfully, we just want to be different from the rest and provide Charleston diners another option,” says Emery.

Burwell’s begins with the grandness of the space, a twist of modern versus its storied history. Its design inspiration is taken from vintage photos, diligent research in American trends, and focus groups of the desired demographic (specifically Charleston). “How they renovated that awful building into the stunning place that opened today, while maintaining the Charleston feel is nothing short of extraordinary,” says the first guest. The goal was to “open it up, and create a more modern environment. The main dining room, with warm colors, low lighting, and unrefined art to add color is directly attached to the bustling kitchen screaming its approachable brand. The bar and loft area the highlight of this space, with original wood beams, bar top crafted from rail car floor, and it’s original cypress walls are encompassed by a wall of fine wine and spirits directly behind the quiet lounge area. This dinner house seats 180, with booths covered in a gold custom chosen fabric and classic steakhouse chairs. The roof top is to open this Spring. Every table is taken by a handsome, casually dressed crowd drinking signature cocktails and ordering frothy she-crab soup with crab garnish, sweet & spicy shrimp with smokey adobo sauce and grilled pineapple coulis, and pan seared local snapper. Of course, those rocks a grilling prime beef all over the restaurant making it smell like you are about to eat something special. It is a lot of fun! Right now, Burwell’s Stone Fire Grill is a unique blend of innovative menu ideas from great steak to classy seafood and fish.

“The Next Generation of the Steakhouse” is merely a term by food vendors and butchers in the know regarding beef and Burwell’s forward thinking approach. We evolve each and every day, and do what we can to bring the best value to our guest notes John Thomas.


Pat and Ed Gibson says:

So excited about our first visit — we have reservations for Christmas Eve!
Wahoo – time to celebrate and Burwell’s is just the place for our special dinner!

kenemery says:

Thank you Pat and Ed

Ken says:

Thank you and we will see you soon.

Happy Holidy’s,

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